Orange Is the New Black’s Matt McGorry Dishes on Season 2
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Orange is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black’s Matt McGorry Dishes on Season 2

We’ve got sweaty palms as we eagerly await the second season of Orange Is the New Black, which will premiere in its entirety on Netflix on June 6, and it sounds like we’re not alone with our perspiration situation. Matt McGorry, who plays sexy CO John Bennett, wouldn’t tell E! Online much about what to expect next season other than this: “You’ll get to see Bennett sweat a lot.”

When we last saw the inmates and guards of Litchfield Women’s Correctional Facility, Bennett’s job seemed to be safe after impregnating Daya (Dascha Polanco), since she set up George Mendez (Pablo Schreiber) to take the fall instead. However, it sounds like her dear John might not be out of the woods.

Unless, that is, Matt means to imply the kind of sweating that comes from sexy time. He won’t reveal yet whether we can expect more shirtless scenes next season, though Matt did confess feeling disappointed in his pecs’ appearance when he saw his scenes from Season 1.

If your response was something along the lines of “WHAT?!” or “You’re crazy,” we agree with you wholeheartedly. However, it turns out Matt’s so hard on himself because he used to be much more muscle-bound, back when he was a professional body builder.

"When you're used to being at a point where you're deadlifting close to 600 pounds, getting to be 5.5 percent body fat and seeing veins in places you shouldn't see them, it kind of skews your understanding of what is normal and OK," he said.

Uh, don’t worry about it, Matt. You definitely look more than OK to us.

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Source: E! Online