Vanderpump Rules: Season 2 Promo — “Vegas Skank Tweeted About Screwing My Boyfriend” (VIDEO)
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Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules: Season 2 Promo — “Vegas Skank Tweeted About Screwing My Boyfriend” (VIDEO)

Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute has forgiven Tom Sandoval for recently cheating on her, but now she's wondering if she's having second thoughts.

In a preview clip from next week's episode, Kristen tells Stassi that she's bothered by Tom having hooked up mulitple times with this other woman over a multiple-day stretch. "It's not like he had this drunken moment and fked her once, which still isn't okay." Kristen say. "It was, like, two days."

"Vegas skank tweeted about screwing my boyfriend," Kristen tells us, explaining the situation. "[Tom and I] share a phone bill, so I looked through Tom's outgoing calls, found some Vegas numbers. Katie, Stassi, and I started hunting, making some phone calls, land on said whore, and we caught him red-handed."

Stassi feels that Kristen should give Tom the boot. "Sherlock Holmes has nothing on a woman scorned, but it's been three months, and you asked me for my advice, and you cry every day," Stassi explains.

Kristen thinks she may have been too quick to accept Tom's apology. "I forgave him so fast," she says regretfully.

In other news, Jax Taylor is doing his best to win Stassi back. "So my dad's in town this weekend, and Jax went to have a conversation with him," Stassi tells Kristen.

Jax will be going to Scheana Marie and Pandora Vanderpump's upcoming joint birthday, but Stassi isn't sure she wants to go, since she's feuding with Scheana. "[Scheana]'s fking jealous that you're closer to Pandora and Lisa, and she wants to be closer because now they're besties and they're twinsies," Kristen tells Stassi.

"If this party were just for Scheana, I would not be going, but Pandora is still my boss at the Divine Addiction," Stassi explains. "And if I don't go, it gives Lisa and Pandora more reason to not like me, and if I do go, I have to be around Scheana."

So Stassi is damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. And we can't wait to watch when the show's Season 2 returns on November 4!

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