Nashville Season 2 Spoiler: Deacon Getting a New Love Interest?
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Nashville Season 2 Spoiler: Deacon Getting a New Love Interest?

It looks like Music City is going to be all shook up in Season 2 when Nashville returns with some serious twists. Last season, Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton) and Deacon Claybourne (Charles Esten) were finally getting somewhere when a fight and a car accident derailed them. What was the fight about? Oh, just the fact that Rayna hid their kid from him in plain sight for a dozen plus years.

And while it seemed like the biggest shakeup this season was going to be a possible romance between Rayna and her new boss, some brand new intel is giving that relationship a run for its money.

According to TVGuide, Rayna isn’t the only one dipping her nib nearby. Nashville is casting a “hot, no-nonsense attorney” who may decide to let Deacon into “her legal briefs.” Objection! Ruining our dreams of a Raycon reunion!

Oh, and why is it that Deacon is sidebarring with some suit? Did another gift from Juliette lead him to his newest fling? Nope, it’s not as meet-cutey as Deax’s last girlfriend, Stacey, was. Instead, he meets the new gal when she tries to convince him to sue Rayna!!!

Coming between Rayna and Deacon’s already complicated relationship? Giving “attorney-client” privilege a whole new meaning? We don’t know about you, but we’re all set to dismiss this broad with extreme prejudice.

Source: TVGuide