Nashville Season 2 Spoiler: Orange Is the New Black Star Joins Cast!
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Nashville Season 2 Spoiler: Orange Is the New Black Star Joins Cast!

Juliette is suffering from a major PR crisis on Nashville Season 2, but don't worry — soon an Orange Is the New Black star is going to swoop in with a plan to help her recover.

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TVLine reports that Michael Chernus will stop by Music City for at least one episode. He'll play the role of Howie V., "a very successful (also manic and avant garde) Los Angeles-based music producer who wants to turn Juliette into the next Beyonce."

Juliette is already a big star, but Beyonce is whole other level of famous, and we're sure Juliette will be tempted by whatever Howie has to offer. However, the fact that this is only a guest role makes us suspect that things aren't exactly going to go smoothly for Juliette.

Orange Is the New Black fans know Michael as protagonist Piper's laid back brother, who constantly brought some much-needed laughs in the scenes set outside of jail. You might also know him from one of his many film and TV roles, including parts in Captain Phillips, The Big C, and Men in Black 3.

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Source: TVLine

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