Nashville Season 2 Spoilers: Deacon Claybourne’s Career Will Be “Jeopardized”
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Nashville Season 2 Spoilers: Deacon Claybourne’s Career Will Be “Jeopardized”

Nashville’s Deacon Claybourne (Charles Esten) isn’t having the easiest time these days. The country crooner with a penchant for booze recently found out that Maddie Conrad is his biological daughter, and he didn’t handle the news well. In fact, this big reveal led to the season-ending car crash that lands Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton) in a coma and leaves Deacon "facing an injury that might jeopardize his career," showrunner Dee Johnson tells TVLine.

Thankfully Rayna is quick to recover from her injuries and realizes she needs to make a big change in her life. Country’s queen "comes away feeling very much like it's time to perhaps move on from this relationship that has tethered her for many, many years," Dee continues.

As we already know, our girl moves on quickly with multiple suitors. What’s more? She isn’t the only one finding love either!

After grieving her mother’s death, Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) will be wooed by an "off-the-charts wealthy man" named Trey (Charlie Bewley.)

Looks like love is in the air down South!

Nashville Season 2 premieres on Wednesday, September 25 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: TVLine