Orange Is the New Black Season 2 Spoilers: A New Side of Gloria
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Orange is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black Season 2 Spoilers: A New Side of Gloria

We only have a month and a half before we rejoin the women of Litchfield for Orange Is the New Black Season 2. We can expect more complicated relationships to emerge in the expansive cast, and we'll start to see new sides to characters and learn more backstories. One character we'll get to experience in a whole new way is Gloria (Selenis Leyva).

"You're going to see Gloria like you've never seen her before," Selenis Leyva, who plays the character, recently teased to E!, adding that there's a "toughness" to Gloria that we'll get to see more of. "She was funny in the first season, but this time you're going to see that there's a menacing woman lying underneath."

Even better? We'll also get some of Gloria's backstory, finding out what made her so tough, and how she landed in Litchfield.

Hopefully we'll also get a chance to see Gloria interact with different characters than we saw in the first season. We know that, in general, we can expect to see characters "venture out more," with "more interactions amongst more of the women in prison." We can't wait!

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Source: E!

Orange Is the New Black Season 2 will be available on Netflix starting on June 6, 2014.