Nashville Season 2 Spoilers: What’s Next For Maddie and Deacon?
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Nashville Season 2 Spoilers: What’s Next For Maddie and Deacon?

Deacon Claybourne (Charles Esten) may just get in touch with a softer side on this week’s episode of Nashville and we couldn’t be more pleased at the prospect — we’ve had quite enough of surly, prison-dwelling Deacon, thank you.

In an interview with TVLine, Charles tells the site that tomorrow’s episode finally finds Deacon connecting with his daughter Maddie after she asks him for guitar lessons.

“The thing I really like about the writing is that [Maddie asks Deacon for] guitar lessons,” Charles said.

Could this mean a Deacon-Maddie duet is in the show’s future? We certainly hope so!

“I was just as anxious as anybody, because you’re not going to find a bigger fan of Lennon and Maisy than me,” Charles told the site regarding the prospect of a duet between the two characters. “So that might be in the offing. It’s real sweet that [Maddie] is part of the group that’s bringing Deacon alive again and back into the world.”

Getting to know Maddie also means further complications in Deacon’s relationship with the girl’s mother, Deacon’s on-and-off love Rayna James (Connie Britton).

“We are both trying to do our very best by her, even if we haven’t done right by each other,” Charles said, who also revealed that Deacon will struggle with the fact that his old pal Luke Wheeler has his eye on Rayna.

“Well that’s tough, because she’s made it clear that it’s not us right now,” he said. “And yet, there will always be something there, no doubt.”

Source: TVLine