Orange Is the New Black Season 3: 10 Burning Questions
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Orange is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black Season 3: 10 Burning Questions

We spent the weekend binging on Orange Is the New Black Season 2, and we're already thinking ahead to Season 3, which has started filming. Although the show's sophomore season didn't leave us with any life-or-death cliffhangers like Season 1's brutal beatdown, we still have plenty of questions we're already itching to see answered when we head back to Litchfield next year.

So, what plot points to we hope to see addressed in Season 3? Here are 10 things on our mind after viewing Season 2:

1. Will Nicky resist the heroin temptation? As Nicky herself put it, heroin is the love of her life, and now she has Vee's haul stashed away in the laundry room. Will she be able to resist taking a hit? And what will happen with the heroin now?

2. Will Caputo keep his new job? Caputo was given just a few days to prove himself as assistant warden, and things didn't exactly go as planned. Will he be able to keep the title even after both Vee and Rosa skipped out? If not, who will take over? If he somehow does keep the post, will he actually make changes for the good?

3. Why did Piper turn Alex in? Was Piper acting out of revenge? Was she trying to protect her ex? Did she just want Alex back in the pen to keep her company? We hope the show explores exactly what was going on when Piper made that fateful call.

4. Will Rosa get caught? Please let the answer to this be no! We don't need to see her again, but we want to imagine this doomed escapee spent her last few weeks living it up and getting all the adrenaline kicks she could ever want.

5. Will Daya and Bennett make up? Bennett tried to prove his worth to Daya by fessing up to being her baby daddy, but Caputo shut that down. Will Daya understand and accept why Bennett can't do exactly as she wants, or will their relationship continue to crumble under the strain of their secrets?

6. What happens to Red's tunnel? With Vee's escape, it seems like it's only a matter of time before a CO figures out how Red has been getting her contraband in. Can she possibly keep her secret? If not, what's her next move?

7. Will we meet the Warden? We're always hearing about him. Maybe it's time to meet him.

8. Will we get more flashbacks for different characters? We loved learning more about some of the characters who didn't get flashbacks in the first season, and we hope the trend continues. We want to know more about Big Boo, Ruiz, Flaca, Maritza, Leanne, Norma, Gina, the Golden Oldies — the list goes on!

9. Will Sophia have a bigger plot? We understand that this is a big ensemble show and we love that the spotlight gets shared, but Season 2 was seriously lacking in Sophia. Will she have a bigger role next year? We hope so.

10. Is Red's restaurant really gone for good? So. Sad.

What's your biggest question for Season 3? Let us know in the comments below.