Once Upon a Time Season 3: 5 Things We Want for Emma
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3: 5 Things We Want for Emma

Once Upon a Time Season 2 is already a distant memory (weeks is like decades in TV time), and we've already started looking forward to Season 3. More specifically, to what we want to happen in the third season. Today, we're talking about what we're hoping to see from Emma (Jennifer Morrison) next year.

Obviously, we can't predict the actual plot lines, because so little is known about the season. But we can talk in broad strokes about what we'd love to see the writers do with Emma based on how the season ended and what we did, and didn't, see from her this year.

Here's our Emma wish-list for Season 3:

1. More family bonding time. We've complained that we didn't see as much Charming family bonding — or Charming family addressing of issues — as we would have liked in Season 2. Now that Emma's stuck on a boat with her parents, we'd love to see her really explore her feelings towards them — positive and negative. The Charming family can be magnificent, but they're still learning how to actually be a family, and we hope that's a focus next year.

2. More time with Regina. As we mentioned when discussing what we want from Regina, we missed the contentious, complicated relationship between Emma and Regina this season. Now that they've saved Storybrooke together and are united in an effort to rescue Henry, we really want to see their relationship developed further, whether it's as enemies, frenemies, or something else entirely...

3. More heroics. We love it when Emma taps into her kick-butt side. With Charming and Snow as parents, not to mention her magic, there's no telling how powerful she could eventually be. We want to see her continue to grown into an awesome warrior.

4. Love — but not a love triangle! We like the idea of Emma eventually finding love with any number of people, but we're not particularly interested in seeing her embroiled in a love triangle. She already has enough drama in her life, and her trust issues alone could create plenty of relationship hurdles without resorting to the normal "who will she choose?" cliche.

5. Nealfire complications. Whether Nealfire ends up being Emma's endgame love interest or not, we want to see her continue to negotiate having Henry's dad in her life (assuming he makes it out of the Enchanted Forest at some point) — and we also want to see more of what it means that Rumple is her son's grandfather. Basically, "Manhattan" was an incredible, emotional episode that brought out the best in all of the actors. We want more of that dynamic.

What do you want to see from Emma in Season 3? Sound off in the comments below.

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