Revenge Season 3: Aiden “Loves Emily Beyond Himself,” Says Barry Sloane
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Revenge Season 3: Aiden “Loves Emily Beyond Himself,” Says Barry Sloane

Aiden (Barry Sloane) and Emily (Emily VanCamp) were getting cozy for the better part of Season 2 of Revenge, but now that Ems and Daniel (Josh Bowman) are engaged once again, Aiden has been left to brood all by his lonesome.

Seriously displeased with Emily and Daniel’s coupling, Aiden nearly told the Grayson Global heir all about who his fiancée really is in the Season 2 finale, but later decided against it. Though Aiden was later shot in the finale, we know he’ll be back in the Hamptons in Season 3.

In fact, Aiden’s portrayer Barry Sloane recently opened up about what will drive his character this season, telling Buddy TV that his love for Ems trumps all. “I think that he loves Emily beyond himself. And, even though it's cliche to say it, he would die for her,” Barry began. “It's not really about him anymore. He's lost everything and he's going to do it for her.”

And though Aiden will be co-existing with the engaged couple in the Hamptons this season, don’t expect him to be happy about it. Barry says of Aiden, “As he does with most things, he's going to be very moody and very dark and in the shadows and voice his opinion very loudly and smash things. Or, maybe he'll be smarter and go against the team.”

By going “against the team” does he mean joining forces with Victoria (Madeleine Stowe)? Barry has certainly hinted at that possibility in the past!

Are you surprised to hear that Aiden is still so hung up on Emily? Tell us your thoughts and theories below!

Revenge Season 3 premieres on September 29 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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