Revenge Season 3: Aiden Mathis “Overstepped His Mark,” Will He Expose Emily Thorne? — Exclusive
Revenge Season 3: Aiden Mathis “Overstepped His Mark,” Will He Expose Emily Thorne? — Exclusive
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Revenge Season 3: Aiden Mathis “Overstepped His Mark,” Will He Expose Emily Thorne? — Exclusive


Revenge Season 3 ended with an ominous series of scenes that included Daniel Grayson and Aiden Mathis fighting at Emily Thorne’s house, ending with Daniel looking at Em’s gun before showing up at Conrad’s victory rally with blood on his sleeve.

We know by now that Aiden (Barry Sloane) is very much alive, but his Season 3 storyline remains up in the air. After brawling with Danny boy and nearly exposing all of Emily’s secrets he isn’t exactly a welcome face in the Hamptons.

Still, the Revenger with nine lives somehow worms his way back into the Long Island enclave in the most intriguing of ways. Wetpaint Entertainment chatted exclusively with Barry at the 2013 TCAs and he told all about what to expect from Aiden in Season 3!

Wetpaint Entertainment: So you're not dead?

Barry Sloane: No, no. Yeah, it's good.

Were you worried for a minute?

Well, I think with the nature of this show, I think everyone's always a little worried. Especially when you've got one of those season finale cliffhangers, you know, and there's a gun involved.

Fade to black.

Yeah, exactly, especially when the guy who's got the gun has already shot someone dead. So we'll see. But Aiden's a clever cat, and surely he’ll dive out of the way of things. He's made out of galvanized metal. So I'm sure bullets will bounce off of him Terminator style.

Can we talk about his arcs at all for the season?

Well, the main theme from what I'm hearing and what we look to be doing is where do his loyalties lie? He's going to kind of be in bed with the enemy a lot.

Is that where the broken heart takes him, to the dark side?

He could be drawn into that quite easily. I think in the last scene of last season, we saw a shift in him. And at least that's what I was going for. He overstepped the mark. He went against Emily's wishes, and nearly jeopardized the whole thing by telling Daniel exactly what was going on.

As far as Emily is concerned, what do you think his feelings are for her at this point?

He loves her, deeply. I think that’s the thing that's between those two. There's such a great chemistry between them. You don't know whether they want to fight each other or . . . each other. So more of that, I think. I think that's what's exciting about them.

Is he in her life, or is he sort of in the periphery?

Obviously, when he arrives back into this season, it will be in a place that you don't expect to see him, and a place that nobody expects to see him. So that will be fun.

You are one of those characters with nine lives.

Oh, yeah.

Every time we think you're a goner ...

Exactly. Aiden could have gone about 19 times. I don't know. He's just got something about him.

Why do you think the character does have legs?

I was very fortunate in the way that people took to him. I think he enabled Emily to have a vulnerability, and he was there for her. And a lot of things I tried to play last season was, as well as playing her lover, I also played a father figure. So I think he gave her that, and I think it enabled the viewers to see a different side of Emily. Emily opened up to him. The viewers opened up to him, and I think because we don't know enough about him, and I think because he's still a grey area, he could be swayed to either side. People love to hate that a little bit.

Do we get more Aiden history?

I think so. I think that's what we need. I think that's what we'll be exploring is why did he is the story we know even true? What was he about? What's his real agenda?

Revenge Season 3: Aiden Mathis “Overstepped His Mark,” Will He Expose Emily Thorne? — Exclusive
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Are we questioning the sister part?

Quite possibly. That's the thing with all these guys because you never really know. You never really know who they really are.

But really, is he shirtless in the first episode?

I can't say in the first episode, but I'm definitely shirtless.

Are you all out working out like crazy?

Yeah, we are. We've all pretty much got the same trainer. So he's kind of doing us all in at the moment.

It's no joke?

No, everyone's working hard, yeah. But we work hard anyway. It's not like last season, we all just ate pies. Everyone was in the gym. There will be more time to look at hard, naked flesh but not in a gratuitous way, in a very artistic way.

Wholesome network sex?

Exactly, from here up. A bit of male nipple is about all you're going to get.