Once Upon a Time Season 3: Will We See the Blue Fairy’s Backstory? (VIDEO)
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3: Will We See the Blue Fairy’s Backstory? (VIDEO)

On Once Upon a Time, there are two schools of thought for backstories: run through someone’s life story in one or two episodes, or drag it out and leave us perplexed about a character for a season or more.

In some cases, it’s unfortunate to learn everything about someone all at once — take Red Riding Hood, who we saw a few episodes about, then she disappeared, and is now off the show — while sometimes, we get impatient and just like the writers to tell us more already.

In the case of the Blue Fairy, we’re torn. We know the basics about her, including how powerful she is (“Reul Ghorm” can be called upon to grant wishes at any time, at least in the Enchanted Forest), but we don’t know where she came from, if she’s always possessed this power, and in general, where her storyline is going.

Portrayer Keegan Connor Tracy didn’t have all of the answers for us, but during an interview with Essex UK at MCM Comic-Con in England, she revealed that she thinks things were set up for the Blue Fairy and could be explored more in Season 3.

“There have been a lot of things that have been set up for my character, with Reul Ghorm being so powerful, so I certainly hope there is an opportunity to explore that,” she dished. “I think there’s been a call to find out what’s going on with the Blue Fairy, especially once they’ve given this hitn about her being the most powerful being and all of that, but we haven’t really seen that come to fruition.”

While she explains, “You never know what’s coming!” she did have a suggestion for the writers. “I’d like to see the Blue Fairy get in a big fight with Tinkerbell,” she said, referencing The Charmings & Co. heading to Neverland in the Season 2 finale. As much as we’d love that, it would be great to see Nova (Amy Acker) return first. Grumpy needs her!

Do you want to see more from the Blue Fairy? Check out the video interview below, and then share your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Essex UK