Once Upon a Time Season 3: 3 Things We Want For Captain Hook
Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3: 3 Things We Want For Captain Hook

Once Upon a Time is headed into its third magical season, and we couldn’t be more excited. In the final moments of the Season 2 finale, we saw The Charmings & Co. head off to Neverland to save Henry, and surprisingly, Captain Hook was literally heading up the mission as he guided the Jolly Roger.

Hook has undergone quite a transformation throughout the show’s two seasons, but we’re still unsure about him. Is he good or evil? Who does he belong with? Should we trust him? We don’t know if we’ll get all of these answers straight away, but we do have a wish list of what we want him to do in Season 3.

Here are three things we want for Hook next season:

1. Pick a side, any side! It would be great for Hook to team up with everyone and be a good guy, but we have a feeling his guyliner-and-leather-wearing bad boy days are far from over. So, we don’t want him to be wishy-washy and be good sometimes and “evil” other times. He should pick a side and stay there, either becoming a big bad for Season 3 or part of The Charmings’ posse permanently.

2. Find a lady love (aka get over Milah). We’ve seen Hook’s chemistry with Emma Swan and Regina Mills, but he hasn’t really made a pass at either. Portrayer Colin O'Donoghue has hinted that it could go either way, and honestly, we’re not too picky about who he ends up with. Emma would obviously be better for him, but she’s mourning Neal (who she thinks is dead). Regina, on the other hand, is equally conflicted and evil, but their relationship could be more balanced because of that. Maybe. It could also self-destruct easily, but let’s hope for the former. We just want him to get over Milah — it’s been a long time.

3. Reunite with Nealfire. Since we know that Neal is alive and with Mulan, Aurora, and Prince Philip, he could be reunited with Hook. They probably won’t hug and make up right away, and it will be even more complicated now that Rumplestiltskin is back in the picture, but we want to see that bond return. Or, well, what we saw of that bond in flashbacks before Baelfire uncovered Hook’s true identity. We think their family moments were adorable, so here’s to hoping we can at least see them in a few scenes together come Season 3.

What do you want to see from Hook in Season 3? Tell us below!