Game of Thrones Breaks Record With Season 3 Box Set!
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Breaks Record With Season 3 Box Set!

Talk about gold at Casterly Rock. HBO is rolling in the dough after the release of Game of Thrones’s third season DVD box set. Digital Spy reports the collection became the fastest-selling TV box set in a decade for the United Kingdom. How about them numbers, Friends and Sex and the City?

Game of Thrones sold nearly 190,000 units in the first week alone, DS adds, which comes to about £5.4 million, or just shy of $9 million. Somewhere an HBO exec is christening his new yacht the SS Direwolf.

To pile on to the good news: the Season 3 box set was one of Amazon’s biggest ever pre-ordered TV titles, and overall sales were up almost 50 percent as compared to the show’s second season. We have a hunch as to why that might be. Three little words: The Red Wedding.

HBO can hardly contain its glee at the runaway success of the show. The channel’s home entertainment marketing director, Ian Fullerton, told DS, “What is particularly pleasing to see is that Game of Thrones has sold exceptionally well digitally too, proving that DVD and Blu-ray can sit alongside the newer digital download technology.”

Now you’ll have to excuse Mr. Fullerton as he takes the Direwolf for a spin.

Source: Digital Spy

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02.26.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Elisabeth Kramer
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