Once Upon a Time Season 3: Will Emilie de Ravin Be a Series Regular? She Says…
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3: Will Emilie de Ravin Be a Series Regular? She Says…

When Once Upon a Time Season 2 came to a close, Belle was left standing by herself as the rest of her friends and the love of her life, Rumplestiltskin, sailed away. Rumple left the town in her capable hands while he left to save Henry from Peter Pan (leaving her to cast a cloaking spell), and we even predicted that she could be the next mayor, but just how much will we see of Belle next season?

From the sounds of it, Belle will be featured prominently next year, perhaps even more than she was used this season. Portrayer Emilie de Ravin dished to TV Guide that she will continue to be a series regular come fall. She also noted that she’ll “gain her strength back,” which was a necessity to “protect an entire town.” Girl is about to become quite a leader!

Since Belle’s storylines throughout both seasons have been so centered around her relationship with Rumple, it will be interesting to see her fly solo. Sure, she had her fun as havoc-wreaking Lacey while she was alone, but it won’t be all fun and games now. As one of the only authoritative figures left in Storybrooke — save for Dr. Whale if he resurfaces, or perhaps Archie — we bet everyone will be looking to her for guidance, whether she’s mayor, sheriff, or just a guiding light for the fairy tale residents.

Either way, we’re excited to see more of her and where next season takes Belle! Are you glad Emilie is sticking around? Sound off below!

Source: TV Guide

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