Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 14 Spoilers: 9 Things We Learn From the Promo
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 14 Spoilers: 9 Things We Learn From the Promo

Now we have a hint as to why the Wicked Witch has cast her evil curse (she's apparently jealous of her secret sis, Regina), but that doesn't mean we have a clue how the townsfolk will stop her — or how clearly crazy Rumple factors into her plans. What we do know is that the promo for Season 3, Episode 14 (“The Tower”) makes us extra excited to find out what comes next.

This promo promises a lot of interesting things, so we've taken a closer look to see exactly what it reveals.

1. Hook wants to help. The promo opens with Hook saying, "There's something wicked in your town. What do you say we go find it?" We love helpful Hook!

2. Expect creepy. This promo puts a premium on creepy, with haunting music and horror-movie style shots, like the hooded figure in a car mirror at :02, the spinning baby mobile at :04, and the doll whose head spins around at :05. Not to mention all the flashes of the hooded figure running around at the end of the promo. Chills!

3. Charming in danger? At :03 we see Charming get out of his car, holding his sword. We're guessing this is linked to that shot of the masked figure in the car mirror. Watch out, Charming!

4. Zelena and Rumple. At :06 we see Zelena back at Rumple's cage. In fact, at :08 she sits down with him in it. This should be awesome! We've missed Rumple, and we can't wait to see exactly how crazy he is now — and learn how and why Zelena has locked him up. And is that related to the silhouette clip of Zelena at :17?

5. Rapunzel! Meanwhile, this episode features Rapunzel, who looks gorgeous at :09. The show isn't exactly hurting for characters right now, but we'll never say no to seeing another princess brought to life.

6. How is Charming involved? And, interestingly, it appears that Rapunzel story will also feature Charming quite heavily. At :10 he hears Rapunzel's call for help, at :12 he sees her long hair coming out of the tower, and at :13 he is in her room, promising to get her out. "There's nothing you can do!" she tells him. Oh, honey. You have not met Charming.

7. The investigators are still together! At :15 we see the Emma, Charming, Regina, Hook team continuing to investigate what's going on. Love. It. That group is rife with awesome dynamics.

8. Is Hook keeping a secret? "What aren't you telling me?" Emma asks Hook at :16. Secrets, secrets are no fun.

9. A romantic moment? We can't really tell who it is, but at :18 we see some sort of prince or lord (it looks kind of like Charming, but the shot is from above so who knows) spinning around a blonde in a pretty dress. But then at :18 the blonde gets sucked through a portal. Hmmm...

Did we miss anything important? Interpret something wrong? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Once Upon a Time on Sunday, March 23 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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