Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 2 Burning Questions
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 2 Burning Questions

We love all of Once Upon a Time’s many, many mysteries, but sometimes it seems like each episode introduces more questions than answers. To that end, we’ve tackled the 10 biggest questions from this week’s episode in order to make sense of everything that happened.

Here are 10 burning questions from Season 3, Episode 2: “Lost Girl.”

1. Will David die from his wound?

Typically, we’re never ones to complain about getting to see David lift up his shirt. However, this case was under less happy circumstances, as we see he’s been poisoned during battle with the Lost Boys. What will happen to him? It’s sounding like David won’t die but that he’ll become a changed man. So how will he reverse the effects and when will he tell Snow about the wound?

2. Does Gold’s dad have a connection to Neverland?

Gold was unable to get rid of the doll his dad gave him, proving that the doll hates being left behind as much as the Toy Story characters do. So just who was Gold’s dad? We’re thinking he may have a connection to Neverland, and perhaps he’s currently on the island now. Or maybe Gold used to be a Lost Boy. Either way, Gold clearly has a rocky history with Peter Pan.

3. Will Gold continue to become the Dark One?

First and foremost, it was pretty awesome to see Gold remove his own shadow. Come to think of it, how come our shadows don’t do our bidding for us? But Gold discusses becoming the Dark One to save Henry, which makes us worry whether he’ll continue to transform into his old, creepy (rather, creepier) self. For the sake of his dermatologist, let’s hope he doesn’t.

4. Will Emma start using more magic now?

We’re ridiculously anxious for Emma to start busting out with magic right and left, and yet it still hasn’t really happened. But now that she’s coming more to terms with who she is, perhaps she’ll start to better harness her powers? In fact, we’re thinking she might be the one who can save David from his poisonous wound.

5. Will Henry actually refuse to leave the island?

It was a little hard to take what Peter said at the end of the episode seriously and not just because we’re not used to evil masterminds who look like they still enjoy juice boxes. But will Henry really want to stay on Neverland, and has he still not forgiven Emma? Then again, if we were the most popular person on a magical island, we probably wouldn’t want to leave either.

6. Why is Emma the only one who hears the children’s cries?

Emma is awakened at night by those pesky children’s wails, but why was she the only one who could hear them? Perhaps this is a result of her being a “lost girl.” And speaking of Emma being an orphan, does Peter Pan indeed plan to get rid of Emma’s folks but spare her life? What does he want with her?

7. When will we meet Merlin?

Seeing a glimpse of what we thought was Excalibur just made us anxious for the possibility of venturing to the real Camelot at some point on this show. So will we meet King Arthur and his knights (other than Lancelot, who we've already met)? Clearly, Merlin and his magical ways would be a perfect fit for the show, no?

8. Are we getting closer and closer to an Emma-Hook hook-up?

Note to Neal: You might want to find your way back to Emma’s side ASAP. At the moment, she and Hook just keep getting cozier, as Hook proves to be more of a team player and also says he wants to know Emma better. Heck, Hook even gave Emma some of his rum, free of charge! If that’s not a sign of true love, we don’t know what is.

9. Does this mean we won’t get to meet Rufio? Say it ain’t so!

There had been hints that beloved Hook ruffian Rufio may or may not be joining the OUAT team, but now that’s looking like a firm “not.” Indeed, Hook claimed responsibility for his death, much as Dustin Hoffman’s Hook took the poor guy’s life in the film. Alas, unless it’s in a flashback, we’re guessing we won’t hear anyone shout “bangarang” or engage in imaginary food fights anytime soon.

10. How long will Neal continue to be stranded from the gang?

Speaking of Henry’s dad, how long will he be off in the Enchanted Forest, doing his own thing? We’re still thinking he might be the one who can save Henry, given Neal’s history with Neverland, so we’re hoping he gets his act together soon.

What questions do you have from “Lost Girl”? Leave them in the comments below!