Revenge Season 3, Episode 21 Sneak Peek: Victoria vs. Conrad (VIDEO)
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Revenge Season 3, Episode 21 Sneak Peek: Victoria vs. Conrad (VIDEO)

Victoria and Conrad have always had one of the most dysfunctional relationships on TV, and last week's episode just took it to whole new level. After all, Conrad straight out murdered Pascal in cold blood and got away with it. As we can see in this sneak peek of Revenge Season 3, Episode 21, "Impetus," Victoria has no intention of letting that go — but with their daughter abducted, they might have no choice but to come together.

This clip is amazing in its intensity. It begins with Victoria reminiscing about her lost love. Her quiet sadness is interrupted by the appearance of her ex husband. Suddenly, she flies into a rage.

"Murderer!" she screams. "Murderer! How dare you show your face here?!"

Well, it turns out he dares for a good reason: Charlotte has been abducted, and he just received an ear as proof that the kidnapper means business. Wow.

After seeing that, Victoria ceases yelling long enough to hear what's going on. Apparently the kidnapper has told Conrad that the bombing of 197 destroyed his life, and he demands the Graysons confess their sins to the world. Conrad says he's willing to come clean to save his daughter. But will that actually happen? We doubt it...

Check out the sneak peek here!

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