Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 3 Spoilers: 8 Things We Learn From the Promo
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 3 Spoilers: 8 Things We Learn From the Promo

Is it just us, or is Once Upon a Time Season 3 off to a really strong start? The twisty fairytale thrill ride has re-focused on the core group, putting an emphasis on the characters we care about instead of random newbies or overly complicated plots. That stuff with Emma still feeling like an orphan in Episode 2? That's the kind of deep emotional digging we wanted all of last year, and we hope the good times keep rolling during Season 3, Episode 3: "Quite a Common Fairy."

Will the episode keep up the forward momentum? We've taken a close look at the promo to see what it reveals about next Sunday's installment of our favorite fantasy addiction.

Henry gets threatened. The promo opens with Henry threatened by what looks like Peter Pan. Let us guess: Henry gets too cheeky, Peter put him in his place? That sounds about right for what we know about these characters. Though we gotta say, the meaner Peter is to Henry, the less likely we are to believe that Henry will ever want to stay in Neverland, like Peter threatened.

The gang wants to find Tinker Bell? Next we see Hook telling the rest of the Save Henry party about a fairy who used to live on the island and might still be there. That's gotta be Tinker Bell, right? Because as the rest of the promo shows, this ep is all about the iconic Peter Pan character.

Also, we love the moment right after that where Emma says "Wait...a fairy...Tinker Bell?!" One day, she'll get used to meeting the figures of legend. Maybe.

So, Tink has a bit of a history with Regina. Regina fans, get ready: This episode is going to have a lot of backstory for everyone's favorite reforming Evil Queen. As she says at :14, she and Tink have a "complicated history."

And that history is...? As we see at :08, Tink originally came to Regina when Regina was younger — based on her styling, it's the pre-Evil Queen days, and as we see at :12, they apparently went flying together. Whoa! Fun! According to the official promo, the flashbacks involve "Tinker Bell offer[ing] to help Regina improve her life." Somehow, we think that doesn't end well.

What's up with Tink's size? There's some confusing stuff going on with Tink's size that's interesting. In some shots she's normal human sized, but at :10 she's a tiny flying fairy. Is that linked to the fact that the scene at :10 is shot in a washed out style? Is it a dream?

Why does Tink need Regina to believe in her? At :10, a full sized Tink tells Regina, "I'm a fairy, you might want to try believing in me." What's that about?

A dark side. The voice over in the preview teases, "But in this Neverland, what first seems like magic, always reveals a dark side." Who's dark side, though? Tinker Bell's or Regina's? The rest of the promo tries to suggest Tink might be the one with the "dark side," but it's also not hard to imagine that Regina wronged the fairy in the past...

Tink and Regina in the present. At :15 we see Tink, with present-day Regina behind her, look distraught while walking into a cave, followed by a shot of the rest of the gang holding weapons up to her. At :17 there's Tink looking out a window. Regina is behind her, and we think it's still present-day Regina, but it's harder to tell. (Where are they inside, if it is?)

And finally, at the end of the promo we see Regina, sounding more annoyed or impatient than anything, say "come get me Tinker Bell." Tink responds by blowing some dust in Regina's face, and Regina passes out. Is that an attack, or is something else going on?

Watched the preview for yourself below and sound off with your thoughts in the comments!