Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 5 Review: What Did You Think of “Good Form”?
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3, Episode 5 Review: What Did You Think of “Good Form”?

We've been in Neverland for five episodes at this point, so it's only appropriate that we finally learned how the infamous Captain Hook came to be. Once Upon a Time normally has fascinating backstories about how the "villains" got to be that way, so we were really looking forward to Season 3, Episode 5: “Good Form.” Did it live up to expectations?

Read on for Wetpaint Entertainment's review of the episode, and then rate it yourself below!

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In the flashbacks, we met Hook back when he was Lieutenant Killian Jones, a cheery, upstanding — seriously! He was even anti-drinking! — soldier. He set sail with his brother on a spectacular journey involving flying ships and, yep, Neverland. They had been sent by the king to find Dreamshade, which they were told could cure anything. Hook's brother learned the hard way just how deadly the plant really is. He was cured thanks to a tip from Pan (who seriously used to be a lot nicer), but once again he learned the hard way that the cure only worked on the island.

In the end, Hook made a rousing speech about how clearly corrupt the king was, and how his crew should be pirates instead. It was actually really good. Like our other favorite Once Upon a Time villains, it's now clear to see how Hook went from a good, even heroic man to one who cares only (OK, mostly only) about himself.

In the present, Hook and Charming had another tense heart-to-grouchy-heart. In the midst of their argument about Charming's impending doom and Hook's exact level of selfishness, they seemed to discover that Hook's old ship might actually be around, and with it, a sextant that would help them steer home. They set off on a journey to find it, while the women remained behind to try to give Henry a message of hope.

A message he needed, because he was busy making swords out of sticks (the power of imagination!) and getting applause for hurting people. We find it a little hard to believe Henry would feel good about accidently cutting someone's face, lost hope or no. Emma was not pleased to find out about what fun and games her son has been up to — in fact, she even agreed to let Regina rip out another Lost Boy's heart so they could get a message to Henry (who she called "our son." That's some seriously progress in the Emma and Regina relationship, which is awesome).

During his journey with Charming, Hook had a little run-in with Pan, who offered a ticket off the island for Hook and Emma if Hook agreed to do his dirty work, starting with putting his hook through Charming's heart. It didn't work. In fact, Hook's plan was to save Charming's life: the ship wasn't there, but the one cure to Dreamshade, a magical spring, was. One catch: once you drink it, you have to stay on the island forever. Yeah, like they won't find a way around that eventually.

When Hook and a cured Charming came back to the group, Charming told everyone how Hook saved his life (though he claimed it was from a Lost Boy attack), which earned Hook a big ol' kiss from Emma. A very hot kiss, we must say. Though this budding romance might get thrown off track when Emma learns Neal is on the island... a fact that Hook now knows, thanks to Pan. Will he let Emma know the truth, or keep the secret to himself?

Overall, we really enjoyed this episode. It gave us way more insight into Hook, there were a ton of great character moments, including plenty we haven't mentioned yet — Charming saying goodbye to his daughter and wife without letting them know, Regina declaring that she's there to do the dark things so the rest of the gang doesn't have to, Charming and Hook talking about their brothers, etc — and there was plenty of delightfully creepy Peter Pen.

We give it 4 stars. What about you?

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