Once Upon a Time Season 3: Everything We Know About Peter Pan
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3: Everything We Know About Peter Pan

Once Upon a Time Season 3 kicked off by introducing us to one of the show's most intriguing villains ever: Peter Pan. Robbie Kay plays the manipulative leader of the Lost Boys with just the right amount of uber-creepy, and we're already amped to learn more about what drives this version of the normally loveable character.

So far, we don't have much solid info about Peter, but between the show and spoilers we can start to piece together a picture of our heroes' latest foe.

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No really, be scared of him. One thing both the show and the showrunners have driven home is that Peter is really worth being afraid of. Even Rumplestiltskin finds him worrying, and Rumple is a master of manipulation with seemingly unlimited power.

But everyone had a reason. While Peter is definitely a big bad, his motivation is complicated, and since this show is all about evil being made, not born, we expect there will be more to Peter's story than meets the eye.

He's intertwined with the mythology of the show. We already know Peter has history with both Hook and Rumple, and according to the showrunners he's "intertwined" with the existing Once Upon a Time mythology in a really exciting way.

He likes games. We saw him test Henry in the premiere, in Episode 2 he'll give Emma a map that only works when "you stop denying who you really are," and according to the showrunners he likes to get into people's heads. Clearly Neverland is a dangerous place, but it sounds like Peter is a far more insidious threat than a straightforward storm or some angry mermaids.

He wants Henry's heart. According to showrunner Edward Kitsis, "He wants that heart, and there's something in these games that he seems to be playing that's all tying into what his ultimate goal is for both Henry and for everyone else." It sounds like this story will climax around the end of the fall half of the season, which will be followed by an extended hiatus.

His story will tie to Tinker Bell and the Darlings. Yes, we will learn more about the other classic figures from Peter Pan, and how they play into this version of the character.

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Catch the next episode of Once Upon a Time on Sunday, October 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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