Game of Thrones Season 3: What Was It Like to Film the Red Wedding?
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Game of Thrones Season 3: What Was It Like to Film the Red Wedding?

Now that we’ve all seen the catastrophe that was the Red Wedding on Game of Thrones, we can’t help but wonder: what was it like to film it? It was one of the most violent, heart-wrenching scenes to watch in television history, so actually taking part in it must have been even more difficult. Here’s what those involved had to say about it.

Co-creator David Benioff told EW of the scene, “I remember turning to the script supervisor after one take where Richard [Robb Stark] was dying and I was like, ‘That was a good take.’ And she was just bawling. It’s a bittersweet thing... If we shot The Red Wedding and nobody got emotional, it would be a failure.” Consider the scene a success then because PEOPLE GOT EMOTIONAL.

Richard Madden (Robb Stark) revealed to Rolling Stone, “When we shot the scene, it took a few days, because it’s huge. And there’s a moment in this scene where [Michelle Fairley and I] look at each other . . . it's Robb Stark essentially saying goodbye to his mother and giving up, and rather than it being something really bad, there's a moment of tragedy and utter relief, actually, because these two characters have fought and fought and fought and fought, and it's finally over. Me and Michelle really felt that on the day, as did a lot of the crew, I think.” Umm unless the crew were born without hearts, yeah, they were feelin’ it.

Madden went on to reiterate just how disturbing the scene was to all involved, due to its graphic nature, “It was horrible. It was really difficult day for everyone. There was lots of tears from many people, including myself. The way it happens: Robb Stark with his dead queen in his arms and her stomach ripped open and blood pumping out of that, his mother getting her throat slit . . . it was a really disturbing day.” Great, now we’re picturing it all again. Make it stop!

The other main cast member who got whacked, Michelle Fairley (Cat Stark), told Access Hollywood about filming the scene with Richard, “There was a sequence where Robb is dying and Catelyn is pleading with Walder Frey and the camera was on Robb and they didn’t want me to do all of the stuff. They said, ‘No, hold back a bit.’ But I actually went to Richard and said, ‘Look, is there anything that she says in that section that you really need to hear with the full emotion, so that you can react?’ And he told me what he needed to hear in order for him to react and I hopefully gave it to him.” The scene practically destroyed the internet, so we think she gave him what he needed. Emmys all around!

Michelle went on to say, “It was really emotional. … I’ve never been that emotionally exhausted before, ever.” Neither have we, Cat. Neither have we.