Revenge Season 3: How Can Emily Thorne Apologize to Jack Porter?
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Revenge Season 3: How Can Emily Thorne Apologize to Jack Porter?

When we last left Emily Thorne and Jack Porter on the Revenge Season 2 finale, Ms. Thorne had just revealed her true identity to the floppy-haired barkeep. His stunned silence ended the show’s second season leaving us desperate to know more about his reaction to the news.

After seeing his angsty side on the second half of the show’s sophomore season, we can’t imagine that Captain Jack would take the news well. He seems to have the maturity of a cranky toddler, and when Ems dropped the intel that she was partially responsible for his marriage, the sudden death of his wife, and the death of his brother, he’s not likely to forgive her instantly.

So we’ve come up with a list of ways Ems could apologize to Jack for the damage she’s done.

3. Build Him a New Boat

Sure, Fauxmanda died in the boat explosion, but Jack was also really connected to The Amanda the boat that he built and named after his childhood sweetheart. Now he has no wife and no boat, and Ems can only fix one of those things. Maybe name this one The Sea Thorne?

2. Buy Him a New Puppy

Jack was devastated over the loss of Sammy the Dog, and since Ems has already unloaded one puppy on this grumpy soon-to-be grandpa, what’s another labrador in the mix? He really could use some cheering up since all baby Carl David provides is a heap of stinky diapers.

1. Take Down the Graysons

The ultimate apology would be to take down the people responsible for the loss of Jack’s loved ones the Graysons. And since that’s been Emily’s goal from the beginning, it’s a win-win.

Do you think Jack will ever forgive Emily? Tell us below!

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