Once Upon a Time Season 3: Is Hook a Villain or a Hero? Colin O’Donoghue Says…
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3: Is Hook a Villain or a Hero? Colin O’Donoghue Says…

On Once Upon a Time, it’s hard to get a read on Captain Hook. Though he’s supposed to be a villain, he was sweet to his love, Milah, and we have watched him mourn her ever since Rumplestiltskin crushed her heart. However, he also was on a path of revenge with Rumple, betrayed Emma and Snow White more than once, and confuses us with his actions constantly.

There is seemingly no one more conflicted on OUAT than Hook, who wants to avenge Milah’s death, yet wouldn’t lay a hand on Regina when Greg and Tamara wanted help torturing her. At the end of Season 2, he was selfish and fled Storybrooke with the last remaining bean, then turned around (literally) to bring it back and help rescue Henry from Neverland with The Charmings & Co. — including his nemesis, Rumple!

So, what gives? Is Hook a villain or a hero? According to portrayer Colin O’Donoghue, “he drifts between both” — at least in his opinion. That was his simple answer when a fan asked him how he views Hook during a Twitter Q&A with Once Upon a Time UK

It makes sense. It’s best to never judge a fairy tale by its cover on OUAT. The writers love to flip classic tales on their head, and we saw that more than ever with Peter Pan being evil and kidnapping children while Hook was the one saving kids (or at least Baelfire) from the “shadow.”

Do you think that Hook is a villain or a hero? Sound off below!