Orange Is the New Black Season 3: What’s Next for Taystee and Poussey?
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Orange is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black Season 3: What’s Next for Taystee and Poussey?

One of the most heartbreaking parts of Orange Is the New Black Season 2 was watching Taystee (Danielle Brooks) and Poussey (Samira Wiley) get ripped apart by Vee's manipulations. Fortunately, by the end of the season the besties had made up. Will it be smooth sailing for them from here on out?

In a recent interview with TV Guide Danielle and Samira speculated about where Taystee and Poussey's friendship will go from here.

"Going through trials and tribulations in any sort of relationship only deepens the relationship and makes people closer and stronger," Samira mused. "So I'm hoping for a season full of love between Poussey and Taystee in Season 3."

Danielle echoed that sentiment, saying that she hopes "there isn't much more conflict with them together."

It sounds like it was definitely hard for the actresses — who are close in real life and have been since before the show — to play the big fights this season.

"It's great in terms of television and the viewers watching and everything, but just in terms of our relationship, we read every script and were like, 'Aww!'" Samira explained. Or, as Danielle put it: "It's not fun being mean to Samira."

Let's hope for lots of love and no more fights between these besties next year!

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Source: TV Guide