Scandal Season 3 Premiere Sneak Peek: Olivia Pope Storms Off From Her Father, Rowan! (VIDEO)
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Scandal Season 3 Premiere Sneak Peek: Olivia Pope Storms Off From Her Father, Rowan! (VIDEO)

When Scandal returns for Season 3, it is going to be as action-packed and dramatic as the Season 2 finale, if not more.

In a new sneak peek clip, we see exactly what happens after Olivia Pope speaks one shocking word: “Dad?” As expected, there are no hugs and memories exchanged with her estranged father, Rowan, aka the shady B-613 officer who picks her up in the nick of time as the press swarms her apartment.

Instead, he drives her off to board a private plane — and she’s not getting on it. “You’re being stupid about this!” Rowan exclaims as she stalks across the parking lot. “I am many things. Stupid is not one of them,” she retorts.

“Livy, you can’t possibly think you’re going to return to your old life as if nothing has happened,” he says, almost affectionately, but also in a scolding tone. “What is happening is that I am taking care of myself,” she replies before insisting to the driver, “Take me to my office!”

She wins this battle, though the war after her being outed as Fitz’s mistress still awaits her with her Gladiators. “The White House will destroy you,” Rowan warns through the car’s open window. “That’s what mom used to tell me about you,” Olivia replies before they drive off. Zing!

While this is a logical reaction to effectively being kidnapped by your father when your job is to fix problems, the scene still got our hearts racing. What do you think will happen when Olivia arrives at the office? Leave your thoughts and theories below, and catch the Scandal Season 3 premiere on Thursday, October 3 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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