Scandal Season 3 Premiere: What to Expect in “It’s Handled”
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Scandal Season 3 Premiere: What to Expect in “It’s Handled”

Gladiators, suit up! Scandal Season 3 premieres tonight, October 3, and after a summer spent worrying about Olivia's next move, we couldn't be more ready. What does Season 3, Episode 1: "It's Handled" have in store for us?

We've gathered all of the biggest clues, sneak peeks, and spoilers about the episode in one place so you can get a taste of the drama to come.

The Sneak Peeks

We have more to go on than just that synopsis, of course. Namely, the sneak peeks!

In this first clip of the episode, we get to see Olivia and daddy dearest interact some more. Olivia is determined to get on with her life and fix the scandal that has erupted around her, but Rowan thinks she's going about it the wrong way. He warns that she can't just go back to her old life, and the White House "will destroy you." Olivia's response? "That's what mom used to tell me about you."

Anyone else dying for some flashbacks to Olivia's early life right about now?

So, how is Olivia going to fix things? By calling a meeting in the presidential bunker, of course. In the sneak peek below Fitz is distraught because Olivia apparently used some super-secret White House lockdown password to get in touch with Fitz in the bunker, and now he's worried he won't be able to save her in the case of biological or nuclear attack. For reasons that should be obvious, possible terrorist threats aren't exactly Liv's top priority at the moment.

The best part of this preview? Mellie walking into the bunker at the end. Apparently the two women's in Fitz's life are willing to team up at least for long enough to try to fix the mess they've both helped make.

Meanwhile, Cyrus is busy trying to get to the bottom of the leak, and in this sneak peek he gets a clue from his husband, James. Sure, their relationship may be tense at best at the moment, but they both know that they can help each other professionally. How healthy!

What do you want to see in the premiere? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the Scandal Season 3 premiere tonight, October 3, 2013 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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