Revenge Season 3 Promo: Emily Thorne Gets Shot? (VIDEO)

Unfortunately we still have several weeks to go before Revenge Season 3 kicks off on ABC on September 29, but now we have a brand-new look at the show’s third season to tide us over until the premiere.

In the 30-second sneak peek, Emily Thorne is shown in that wedding dress we’ve told you so much about, seemingly get shot several times after apologizing to someone off-screen.

We already know that the scene with Ems in the wedding gown will act as a fast-forward (with the first half of the season undoubtedly building up to the moment she’s apparently shot), but so far we know nothing about her groom, or the identity of the person pulling the trigger.

As an added bonus, the brief promo also features Victoria’s long-lost son, some crazy Nolan antics, and a surprising twist for Conrad Grayson. Check it out now!