Walking Dead Season 3: Crazy Rick Blows Off Baby Daughter in Deleted Scene (VIDEO)
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Walking Dead Season 3: Crazy Rick Blows Off Baby Daughter in Deleted Scene (VIDEO)

Remember when we had to walk on eggshells around The Ricktator?

The Walking Dead Season 3 is coming out on DVD/Blu-ray tomorrow (August 27), and Entertainment Tonight shared a 3-minute deleted scene from Episode 6, “Hounded.” This was shortly after Lori died and Rick started losing it. He was getting phone calls from dead people and went on a rampage through the prison, even getting rough with poor Glenn.

It’s more of an extension of what we saw in Season 3 than a new scene, but it shows how difficult it was for Team Prison when trying to talk to Rick. We see original prisoner Oscar (good to see you alive, man!) eating with Daryl as Glenn, Maggie, Carl, Beth, Hershel, and newborn baby Judith sit at a table to discuss what to do about their now deranged leader.

They aren’t sure they can help him, but Hershel thinks the baby can. Yett when Rick comes in, he completely blows off the baby — even when Beth says “she’s beautiful, she smiles when she sleeps.” Rick doesn’t want to hold his own daughter (or Shane’s daughter..). He keeps his eyes on Carl and tells his son he didn’t mean to scare him. Hershel suggests a memorial for Lori, but Rick sharply shoots that down. “Hershel, there’s nothing left.”

In the extended trailer for Season 4, which starts October 13, we see Rick holding baby Judith. There’s a time jump of a few months between Season 3 and Season 4, and we know Rick is going to have more of a role in her life, especially now that he’s no longer the Ricktator and they are back to a democracy.

Still, this poor little girl. It’s rough out there for everyone in the zombie apocalypse, but Judith/Little Ass-Kicker was born in a prison; her older brother shot her mom; her dad is crazy; and her dad may not even be her real dad. Daryl and Carol should petition to adopt her.

Check out the scene below!

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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