Once Upon a Time Season 3 Speculation: Is Tinker Bell Someone We Already Know?
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Speculation: Is Tinker Bell Someone We Already Know?

Once Upon a Time Season 3 kicks off this fall, and with it comes new drama — and new characters! Though we’re excited to see more Lost Ones in Neverland, the most amazing casting news is that Tinker Bell is flying in this season.

However, she may not be completely new to us or The Charmings & Co. as they arrive in Neverland. According to TV Guide, the fairy “shares a surprising connection” to one of the main cast members. In her “significant role,” we can imagine things getting a bit crazy if she happens to be someone’s long-lost love, illegitimate child, or maybe someone they know very well already.

With that being said, we’re curious if Tinker Bell could actually be someone we already know, like Emma, Regina, or even Snow White. While it’s more unlikely for the latter two, we don’t know what Emma is, exactly. Given that she can blast light and magic from her hands, Emma could possibly be a fairy (if you compare it to True Blood faerie Sookie Stackhouse). That could explain why Peter Pan has Henry’s photo — with Nealfire’s past with Captain Hook paired with her potential of being Tinker Bell, it does all make sense.

We won’t jump to conclusions, but if Emma ends up being Tink, we wouldn’t be too surprised. Then again, OUAT would probably come up with some twist that still manages to shock us.

Do you think Emma is Tinker Bell? Sound off below!