Orange Is the New Black Season 3 Spoiler: Big Comedian Joins Cast
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Orange is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black Season 3 Spoiler: Big Comedian Joins Cast

Sometimes it's hard to forget, what with all the murder and beatings and terrible living conditions, but Orange Is the New Black considers itself a comedy at heart (at least that's what they're telling the Emmys). So it makes sense that comedian Mike Birbiglia has been tapped to join the cast in Season 3.

The Hollywood Reporter dished the good news, though they didn't have many details about Mike's part. We know he's in a recurring role, though, so this is more than a one-off flashback character.

Who could he be? With Pornstache gone, he could be coming in as a new guard. Or perhaps he's playing a character higher up in the prison hierarchy? Maybe even the mysterious Warden? Of course, he could also be the boyfriend or family member of one of the inmates. Or perhaps he's somehow connected to the fact that this season is supposed to be "about faith"?

Whatever the case, we're excited to have him on board. Mike has a strong stand up background, and has been doing a lot of film and TV work over the last few years, including parts in The Fault in Our Stars, Girls, and Inside Amy Schumer. Sounds like he'll be able to balance comedy and drama, just like the show needs!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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