Once Upon a Time Season 3: Will Emma Hook Up With [SPOILER]?
Credit: Jack Rowand / ABC    
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3: Will Emma Hook Up With [SPOILER]?

On Once Upon a Time, Emma Swan has had a lot of suitors, but along the way, many have disappeared or died. However, one of them is still standing, and in fact, she’s stuck on a boat with him until they arrive in Neverland. Will these close quarters on the Jolly Roger bring Captain Hook and Emma closer together?

Though Season 3 is still under wraps, co-creator Adam Horowitz dished a juicy tidbit that will have at least one set of shippers rejoicing.

When a fan asked about Hook and Emma’s feelings for each other growing romantically, Adam responded slightly vaguely. “Their relationship will be explored — whether romantic or not? You'll just have to watch. Don't wanna spoil,” he teased.

This aligns with what Hook’s portrayer, Colin O’Donoghue, said recently. Though he couldn’t decide between Emma and Regina (saying it is a “toss up”), he hinted that it’s “about time he sort of found another love in his life.” That is, after Milah. She’s been dead for quite some time, so we think probably best that he moves on.

With that being said, he also joked that “maybe he’ll have fun with Regina while he’s waiting for Emma.” As if those two needed any more conflict! This could ultimately be a way to satisfy both Captain Swan and Swan Queen fans, though...

Do you think Emma and Hook will get together, or do they work better as friends? Sound off below!