Revenge Season 3 Spoiler Roundup: Who’s Getting Married? Who’s Dying?
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Revenge Season 3 Spoiler Roundup: Who’s Getting Married? Who’s Dying?

Revenge Season 2 ended with so many cliffhangers, and we've barely recovered from the shocking final seconds. Fortunately, the hit shoreside drama will be back in its current time slot on September 29 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, and as the cast films jaw-dropping scenes, they're dropping plenty of hints about what to expect.

Lucky for you, we're keeping track of all the Season 3 scoop so you don't have to. There's lots of intel, so grab your black hoodie and cozy up for the slew of spoilers ahead.

Here’s what you need to know:

Show Creator Mike Kelley is out. In April 2013, our minds were blown when ABC announced that Revenge’s creator, Mike Kelley, would be departing the show after the Season 2 finale. We credit this genius for giving us iconic characters like Emily Thorne, Nolan Ross, and Victoria Grayson, but after a lackluster sophomore run, Mike bowed out gracefully. He will be replaced by executive producer Sunil Nayar.

Mike offered some parting thoughts. Take these hints with a grain of salt considering Mike Kelley won’t be back, but in March 2013, he discussed his hopes for Season 3 saying it will feature a “new Big Bad, different enemies,” and more time at Hamptons cocktail parties. He also mentioned that Emily will have to confront “her father’s imperfections” in the third season.

We’ll be introduced to Victoria Grayson’s son — and she's in love with him? Technically, we already were introduced to young (well, 20-year-old) Patrick Harper when he showed up at her door. In Season 3, he'll be played by hottie Justin Hartley, described to have "a certain charm but [he] has a dark side" as well." Oh, and according to TVLine, Victoris is "so in love with her son." Apparently, it could go there.

Aiden may hook up with Victoria Grayson. Though he didn't confirm it, Barry Sloane hinted that Aiden will be "sleeping with the enemy" and working a lot with Madeleine Stowe. What?!

Jack knows Emily’s identity and delivers an ultimatum. Now that the eldest (and only! SOB) Porter knows that Emily Thorne is the real Amanda Clarke, his reaction and the aftermath of this realization will be a big part of Season 3. According to Emily VanCamp, he'll give her an ultimatum to "get this done by summer" because he's uncomfortable with what she's doing. Will these two find love in a hopeless place?

Aiden Mathis could be dead! Daniel Grayson is pretty OK at killing (at least when he has a gun in his hand), and in the Season 2 finale, the prepster had a major battle with Aiden Mathis. The Brit threw Danny to the floor right next to Emily’s gun. When we next see the ex-poet he has blood on his sleeve! Did he shoot Aiden? Hopefully the Revenger’s fate will be revealed soon, because losing Declan was already painful enough!

"Emotional and sexual manipulation." From the sounds of it, the characters are putting down their guns and manipulating one another with sex. We're not exactly complaining.

Revenge Season 3 Spoiler Roundup: Who’s Getting Married? Who’s Dying?
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Ashley Davenport will not return. We were shocked to learn that fashionista Ashley Davenport will be cut from the Season 3 cast. Actress Ashley Madekwe confirmed the rumors saying that she would return to conclude Ms. Davenport's storyline at the beginning of Season 3, but there was "no longer a story left" to tell.

Premiere title. Season 3, Episode 1 will be titled, "Fear." After that comes Episode 2: "Sin" and Episode 3: "Confessions."

Ashley new "friend." According to SpoilerTV, we will be introduced to Dr. Jorge Lopez who is a "South American doctor who is suddenly called up regarding Ashley." Chances are, this will have something to do with her departure. He's one of the many new characters this season.

Emily is getting married! The first scene of Season 3 is Emily Thorne in a wedding dress, surrounded by blood. Yes, she's getting married, but to whom? Naturally, we won't know, and showrunner Nayar Sunil teased we'll be "dying to know all the details as the season progresses toward the winter finale." Oy.

The Graysons are broke. Josh Bowman teased to Wetpaint Entertainment that the Graysons are broke and Daniel is looking for a job.

Daniel's new woman. A woman from Daniel's past — a "sassy, sexy French woman who's very, very ballsy and confident," to be specific — becomes a problem for Emily. However, Josh notes that it may not be a love interest problem. Interesting...

Bye, Demily. Sorry, shippers — Emily VanCamp revealed that Daniel is not her True Love. “She’s really using Daniel,” Emily admitted to TVLine. “It’s unfortunate. There really is not the element of love between Emily and Daniel. It’s part of her plan. Jack and Aiden are her two great loves, for very different reasons." So, now it's Aiden vs. Jack!

Nolan could still be in jail! With the five-month flashforward in the Season 3, we thought Nolan would be out of jail after taking the fall for The Initiative. Unfortunately, it looks like that may not be the case, based on Gabriel Mann's recent photo of the New York State Jail Complex...

Charlotte tries to take down Victoria's son. Oh, sibling rivalry. Charlotte doesn't appreciate Patrick being a threat to Conrad's new position as governor, so she's going to try to take the new guy down — perhaps with Emily's help.

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