Scandal Season 3 Spoilers: What to Expect From Episode 8, “Vermont Is for Lovers, Too”
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Scandal Season 3 Spoilers: What to Expect From Episode 8, “Vermont Is for Lovers, Too”

Scandal is the show that just doesn’t stop, and it doesn’t look like fans will get even a moment of relief after last week’s staggering realizations. In Season 3, Episode 8, “Vermont is for Lovers, Too,” Olivia Pope and the team have their work cut out for them, and we don’t know who has it the hardest.

For Quinn, things are going to get a lot more difficult, now that she’s in bed (literally) with B613, and according to the synopsis she “falls further down the rabbit hole with Charlie.” Where can she go, now that she’s killed the one man who knew anything about the flight Olivia’s mother was supposed to be on? Who will her next target be? We can’t imagine Charlie or Rowan will want her to know that Liv’s mom is actually alive, so it could be that her new job is recon on her own firm. What do you think?

Meanwhile, Cyrus is working on his plan to take down Sally, and that seems like business as usual. Indeed, he and Mellie have been trying to set her up for destruction, through campaign stops and absences that would leave opportunity for her husband to stray. But as we saw in “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie,” hubby Daniel Douglas much preferred the company of Cyrus’s husband, James.

Now that James is unemployed, we’re a little worried about him, especially considering he blames Cyrus for his loss. Could those facts have to do with the synopsis hint that Cyrus “doesn’t think of the possible harm he could inflict on himself” when he goes after the Vice President?

In Liv’s world, it’s all hands on deck, with Operation Remington remaining front and center while the warriors also try to manage a “potential crisis” in the Josie Marcus campaign. What could be harder to handle than the truth that Josie’s “sister,” who acts as her manager, is actually her daughter? Nothing we could write would be more twisted than what the Scandal showrunners have up their sleeves, so we’ll just leave it at that.

Catch Season 3, Episode 8, “Vermont is for Lovers, Too” on Thursday, November 21 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, and tell us what you think will happen.

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