Scandal Season 3 Spoilers: Guillermo Diaz Says, “I Think Huck Is Going to Kill Quinn”
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Scandal Season 3 Spoilers: Guillermo Diaz Says, “I Think Huck Is Going to Kill Quinn”

On Scandal, shippers mostly hone in on Olitz (aka Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant), but when it comes to intense and complicated friendships, Huckleberry Quinn (Quinn Perkins and Huck Finn) takes the cake.

However, this relationship could come crumbling faster than someone can reach for an electric drill if Quinn stays on her dangerous path. Although Huck has been noticeably absent after the big B-613 reveal, that doesn’t mean he isn’t ready to stop her if she goes too far. And Quinn definitely will cross multiple lines.

“We haven't yet begun to see the full lines she will cross,” star Katie Lowes (Quinn) teased to TV Guide before launching into an epic explanation of how she’ll do anything so Shonda Rhimes won’t kill her off during the process — be evil, kill people, and “lie and cheat and steal, just to keep Quinn alive.”

Her co-star Guillermo Diaz (Huck) was quick to answer about her fate after in a grimm manner. “I think Huck is going to kill Quinn,” he said.

Still breathing, Scandal fans? Don’t worry. Guillermo added, “I’m just kidding” after that bombshell.

Scandal Season 3 Spoilers: Guillermo Diaz Says, “I Think Huck Is Going to Kill Quinn”
Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC    

Katie also noted that Quinn will be “experimenting a lot with how far she’ll go” and she “needs to be watched with her new skill set.” Considering that Huck appears to be yelling at her in sneak peek photos from this week’s episode, we’re guessing it will come to a head then.

In general, Guillermo explains that Huck will be at “a bit of a loss” about what to do about her since he taught her how to kill and she’s still addicted to it. In fact, he is going to try to be a fixer — he just doesn’t know how. “She's off and running and he doesn't know if there's a way to bring her back,” he explained.

Quinn has her reasons, though. Since her life has been so out of control, she’s now “fighting for a sense of having control over life and a situation,” and for her, that’s torturing someone. This will, of course, affect their relationship, but it might expand past that. Katie notes that we’ll see “whether people in the office find out about it,” then points out something interesting and morally challenging: “Since Huck lost his mind a little bit, he hasn't been able to be the torturer we need,” she said. “So maybe we need one.”

Is Quinn the new Huck? We quiver at the thought. What do you think, Gladiators? Sound off below, and catch Scandal on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: TV Guide

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