Scandal Season 3 Spoilers: Will Huck Ever See His Family Again? Guillermo Diaz Says… (VIDEO)
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Scandal Season 3 Spoilers: Will Huck Ever See His Family Again? Guillermo Diaz Says… (VIDEO)

Olivia Pope’s (Kerry Washington) “Gladiators” are a team of fixers — many of whom have been forcibly shunned from society — working in the nation’s capitol. Each Gladiator has his or her own backstory and set of expertise that informs how they act and what they bring to the firm, but no one’s backstory is sadder and more intriguing than Huck’s (Guillermo Diaz).

Huck started off in the army before being recruited by B613, a rogue branch of the U.S. government responsible for torturing and killing traitors. Huck’s position at B613 not only meant that he had to leave his young wife and son behind, but it also transformed him into a soulless killing machine, something it took him years to overcome.

Season 2 ended with his co-worker Quinn (Katie Lowes) torturing Billy Chambers when he was unable to, and as Guillermo explains, Huck was alarmed by Quinn’s actions and will begin Season 3 attempting to stop the tortuous “monster” he created.

“In the first episode and after that you’ll see Huck’s struggle with possibly having created a monster with Quinn and trying to figure out he’s going to do about it,” Guillermo tells Access Hollywood.

And while Huck sees glimmers of his early self in Quinn, shen apparently takes no issue with her drastic actions. As Guillermo explains to Buddy TV, “She doesn't think that she did anything wrong. She's oblivious that Huck is upset about her. She's excited. She's like ‘Hell, yeah. Who are we going to torture next?’ And, that's why Huck is concerned. He feels like he created a monster. And, he knows what it's like for him because after he first tortured someone he fell in love with it as well, and was addicted to it right away. He's just afraid that she's going to fall into the same patterns he has and become a person that she's ultimately not going to want to be like he is right now.”

Quinn aside, Guillermo also promises some more personal development for Huck this season, including more flashback scenes. Last season viewers got a heartbreaking look at Huck’s post-B613 past, which saw him homeless, accepting money from his own young son who had no idea he was inches away from his father.

“In Episode 2 you’ll see flashbacks of Huck back when he was homeless and you’ll get a glimpse into his and Olivia’s relationship prior to Olivia Pope and Associates,” he tells Access.

Flashbacks are great and all, but is there any hope that Huck will see his family again after B613 forced him to abandon them?

“I hope Shonda brings them back,” Guillermo continues to Access. “I think people really want to see him meet up with his wife and his kid again, how great would that be? But so far they haven’t touched on it so we just don’t know.”

Would you like to see Huck reunite with his family again? Weigh in below!

Scandal Season 3 premieres on October 3 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Sources: Access Hollywood, Buddy TV

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