Orange Is the New Black Season 3 Spoilers: No Pornstache?!
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Orange is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black Season 3 Spoilers: No Pornstache?!

George "Pornstache" Mendez (Pablo Schreiber) was one of the biggest villains in Orange Is the New Black's first season, but he turned up only briefly in Season 2, and now we have confirmation that we won't see him at all in Season 3.

Pablo Schreiber dished the disappointing news to the New York Post, starting point blank "I'm not taking part in the third season [of Orange Is the New Black]."

Don't be sad for Pablo, though: Pornstache's MIA status is because of Pablo's big new role. "I’m a member of a show called The Brink that’s going to be on HBO," he explained. "It’s a half-hour comedy with Jack Black and Tim Robbins and me [as] the three leads. I’m really excited about it.”

Pablo says he loves Orange Is the New Black and is "grateful" to it, but since he's only ever had guest status on the Netflix hit, picking a lead role on an HBO show instead was a "no brainer." He also added that while OITNB Season 3 is off the table, "beyond that is open," so this news doesn't necessarily mean we'll never be Pornstache again.

Fortunately, it seems like the writers were aware this might happen, since Season 2 ended with Pornstache locked up, anyway, so it's not like it will be hard to explain his absence. And just because Pablo won't be on the show doesn't mean Pornstache's presence won't be felt Mary Steenburgen has been cast as Pornstache's mother, who will probably find a way to cause all sorts of trouble for Daya next season.

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Source: New York Post