Scandal Season 3 Spoilers: Are Olivia and Fitz Together Now?
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Scandal Season 3 Spoilers: Are Olivia and Fitz Together Now?

Scandal hinges on drama, so we wouldn’t expect things to just clear up in the second half of Season 3, when the show returns with Episode 11 on February 27. And considering that Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant have had nary a moment of peace in their tawdry affair, we’re not holding our breaths thinking that relationship will get a pass into the serene any time soon.

Executive producer Betsy Beers spoke to TVLine and dropped some knowledge on us that continues to wake us in the night with cold sweats, screaming “LEAVE OLITZ ALONE!” Because, you know, we really like Scandal and let it affect us to our very cores.

"Fitz and Olivia are always intertwined in very odd and new ways," the producer said, rather unhelpfully if you ask us. "I would expect that that's something that will continue."

Uh, thanks, Betsy Beers, because that’s certainly going to help us sleep at night for the next month and three weeks and three days. All kidding aside, we are dying to know what’s next for Fitz and Olivia. It’s already been confirmed that The Closer and Major Crimes star Jon Tenney will be appearing on Scandal as Mellie Grant’s possible love interest. In theory, that would free Fitz up for Liv, at least for a private relationship.

Last we saw Fitz, he was going out on the thinnest, most snappable limbs for Olivia, aiding and abetting a suspected terrorist — Olivia’s mother — natch, violently interrogating a leader of a covert ops unit — her father, Rowan — and otherwise fighting a pretty stiff reelection campaign current in a leaky-ass boat. Still, he did most of those things out of his love for Liv, and that counts for something.

But just as the producer said so simply, there’s nothing easy about what Fitz and Olivia have going on, and we have a nagging feeling that we don’t even know the half of it.

What do you think will happen next for Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant? What do you want to happen between the President and the first lady of fixing? Tell us everything. We’ll keep your secret.

Source: TVLine

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