Once Upon a Time Season 3 Spoilers: Rumple’s Peter Pan Connection Revealed!
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Spoilers: Rumple’s Peter Pan Connection Revealed!

The Once Upon a Time Season 2 finale ended with six of our main characters in or on their way to Neverland, and a clue that one of them may have met Peter Pan before. We’re puzzled, but thankfully, showrunners Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis told Entertainment Weekly about Rumple’s (Robert Carlyle) connection to Pan.

“He absolutely knows who Peter Pan is,” Eddy said. “In true Mr. Gold/Rumple style, he knows more than Greg and Tamara.” Adam added, “And there’s certainly the implication that there’s a history there, one we’re eager to unfold.”

It sounds like Rumple will be playing a key role in the visit to Neverland to rescue Henry. Could the prophecy that Henry will be Rumple’s “undoing” have anything to do with Peter Pan’s search for Henry? And what does “undoing” mean?

“‘Undoing’ — he could be untying his shoes!” Adam said. “In all seriousness, it’s kind of what Belle articulates at the end of Season 2: The future, it’s never what you think. That doesn’t mean it’s not going to be terrible, but it’s never quite exactly what you think. What that prophecy actually means and how it’s going to play out is something he’s going to find out the hard way.”

Speaking of “the hard way,” Adam and Eddy also addressed the crew dynamic of the S.S. Hook (well, the Jolly Roger, but whatever). We have not one, but two sets of sworn enemies in Snow and Regina and Rumple and Hook. They seem to have set aside their differences in the quest to rescue Henry, but that doesn’t mean the expedition will be without drama.

“Just because you want the same thing, doesn’t mean you agree on the methods,” Adam pointed out. “And that’s going to be some of the drama there. Despite the fact that they all want to save Henry, they have a long and difficult history with each other that they need to deal with.”

Sounds like it’s going to be a rocky ride! We can’t wait to hear the argument over who’s going to swab the decks. Rumple is probably regretting turning Smee into a rat right about now...

What do you think is Rumple’s connection to Peter Pan? How will Emma & Co. go about rescuing Henry? Let us know in the comments below!