Once Upon a Time Season 3: Who Will Be Storybrooke’s New Mayor? You Tell Us!
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3: Who Will Be Storybrooke’s New Mayor? You Tell Us!

When we last left our favorite Once Upon a Time characters, most everyone was sailing off to Neverland to save Henry from evil Peter Pan, leaving Belle to hold down the fort in Storybrooke indefinitely. With a cloaking spell over the town to keep stranger danger away, no one new (especially more members of the “Home Office”) can get in, but who currently in the town will take over as mayor?

Regina clearly wasn’t doing a very good job, so anyone else could fill in. We suggested a few contenders — including Belle, Grumpy, Archie, and Dr. Whale — but recently, another name was thrown in the hat: Granny!

A fan recently tweeted at Raphael Sbarge (Archie), asking if the new mayor would be him, Belle, Archie, or Grumpy. To that, someone else exclaimed, “Granny for mayor! Granny for president!” and he agreed. “GO GRANNY!” he tweeted, and we agree — she has been there a long time, dealt with Ruby/Red’s wolf craziness, and knows how to wield a shotgun. She would rule with an iron fist... and provide pie and a place to sleep afterward.

Honestly, we’re torn about who should ultimately become mayor. Our first instinct is Belle since she was technically left in charge and cares for everyone and the town’s well-being, but anyone could surprise us and step up to the plate. We’ll leave Storybrooke’s hypothetical fate in your hands, OUAT fans — vote for your pick for mayor below!

I like any of them.

None of them!

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