Revenge Season 3: What Will Charlotte Do When She Learns About Declan’s Death?
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Revenge Season 3: What Will Charlotte Do When She Learns About Declan’s Death?

So, Declan is dead. Apparently, his beautiful body was partially crushed during the explosion at Grayson Global in the Revenge Season 2 finale, and this somehow caused his delicate heart to spontaneously combust. Probably because it just couldn't handle all the feels.

Sadly, everyone was too busy revenging to visit Declan at the hospital, and he died all alone (well, Nolan was there...) while Charlotte slept in a silky nightgown. You'd think this gal would stay by her boyfriend's side, but Declan lied to her about his health (sob, so brave) and then was like "just kidding!" and totally died.

The worst part? Charlotte still doesn't know that her baby daddy is six feet under, and we have know idea what girlfriend will do once she finds out. We can only assume her reaction will be even worse than ours, and considering that we've spent the past few weeks sobbing/prison tattooing Declan's face on our stomachs, it's not looking good.

Chances are that Charlotte will go through with her pregnancy in order continue Declan's dynasty, but we're slightly concerned about her sinking into a depression (that might involve some pills) –– which won't be good for the baby! It's also possible that Charlotte will simply go on a deranged revenge spree and avenge Declan's death by taking down everyone who was ever mean to him. Which is everyone in the world. Prepare to meet your demise, haters.

How do you think Char will react when she hears about Declan? Weigh in below!