Once Upon a Time Season 3: What’s Ahead for Rumple and Belle?
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3: What’s Ahead for Rumple and Belle?

It seems that our question as to whether Storybrooke would be a setting in Season 3 of Once Upon a Time has been answered. Emilie de Ravin (Belle) spoke to TV Guide about her role in the upcoming season, and it shed some light on our favorite fairy tale town.

It sounds like we will be seeing Storybrooke in Season 3, as Emilie continues to be a series regular. What might her interaction with the town look like? Well, if you recall, Rumple left her in charge of casting a cloaking spell that will protect the town from more magic-hating outsiders like Greg or Tamara finding it. You know, hopefully.

Though Belle seemed to forgive Rumple for all of his wrongdoing when her memory was restored in the Season 2 finale, she apparently does remember everything that happened when she was Lacey, and there may be repercussions to that: "She was going along with it though, so therefore you can't blame him if you're the one saying, 'Kick that guy's a--,’" Emilie said.

Emilie also shared that when Season 3 begins, Belle will be devastated about Rumple’s absence (these lovebirds can’t catch a break). However, “She'll gain her strength back and she'll have to if she's going to protect an entire town.” We can’t wait to see Leader Belle! We expect lots of inspirational speeches based on literary works.

Are you glad Storybrooke will still be a focus in Season 3? What do you think Belle’s storylines will look like? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: TV Guide