Game of Thrones Season 3: Who Plays Daario Naharis?
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Game of Thrones Season 3: Who Plays Daario Naharis?

On Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 8: “Second Sons,” we were introduced to Daario Naharis, a dashing sellsword who was quickly seduced by Dany's beauty and general awesomeness. Book fans have been anticipating his introduction, and even TV-only viewers were sure to notice his burning hotness. So who's the actor responsible for bringing this swaggering warrior to life?

The actor playing Daario is Ed Skrein. Like many of Game of Thrones' younger generation, Ed is a relative newcomer to the acting scene, with just three roles listed on IMDB, all from 2012. In his IMDB profile he is described as "an artist, musician, and actor." He has a degree in Fine Art, and he has toured in Europe.

Ed certainly has the striking good looks required for the role of Daario, and tonight proved he also has the swagger and charm. However, some have complained about the casting of yet another white, English actor. Daario is from the Free Cities, which many readers associate with cultures other than England. Given the show's limited roles for minority actors, some were hoping the show would use Daario as an opportunity for more diversity.

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