Revenge Season 3 Premiere: Who Shoots Emily Thorne?
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Revenge Season 3 Premiere: Who Shoots Emily Thorne?

The first 60 seconds of the Revenge Season 3 premiere could be life-changing for Emily Thorne, seeing as she gets shot twice while in her wedding dress, and then falls off the back of a boat into the cold water, seemingly as a result of her injuries.

Per the sneak peek, Ms. Thorne is heard apologizing to a figure off-screen before the shocking shots are fired. But who exactly would shoot our girl?

At this point, the identity of the shooter is unknown but that hasn’t stopped us from speculating who the gunman (or woman) might be. Honestly, the list of people who wouldn’t shoot Ems is probably shorter these days, but our top three contenders are Aiden Mathis, Jack Porter, or Charlotte Grayson.

Given the genuine and heartfelt “I’m sorry” Emily utters just before the gunshots, we have a feeling she may be truly sorry for her actions this time, meaning the gun-toting individual probably isn’t Victoria Grayson or her husband Conrad.

On the contrary, we’ve seen Emily genuinely care for Aiden, Jack, and Charlotte at different points throughout the show, but any of those characters could also have reasons for firing at her. If Jack or Aiden were the shooter, they could be mad at Ems, for possibly breaking their hearts, while Charlotte could shoot her half-sis if she felt threatened or had reason to believe the Grayson family was under attack.

While we haven’t discounted the possibility of Daniel Grayson or Nolan Ross firing those shots heard ‘round the world, we have more trouble believing that either of those guys would purposefully hurt Emily, no matter what she does.

Again, we’re just speculating at this point, but feel free to share your thoughts and theories about the mystery shooter below!

08.20.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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