Game of Thrones Season 3: Will We See Robb Stark Again?
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Game of Thrones Season 3: Will We See Robb Stark Again?

Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 9: "The Rains of Castamere" saw the demise of Robb Stark and his mother Cat — a heartbreaking loss for many fans. But is it possible we'll see Robb again, if not alive then at least in flashbacks, or something like that?

Well, based on the books, we probably will see him once more — but it's only going to make his fans more upset.

In the book series, after murdering Robb and Cat, the Freys toss Cat's body in a river (in a mockery of the Tully funeral ceremony that we saw earlier this season). As for Robb ... well, they cut off his head and sew Grey Wind's on in its place. Yes, really.

The image of Robb with his head replaced by his direwolf's is an understandably memorable one, and we have a feeling the show writers will work it into the series. But as for Robb rising again in some other form ... sorry, but based on the books so far, you're out of luck. (Cat, on the other hand...)

Are you looking forward to seeing this gruesome image on screen, or are you hoping the show will leave it out?

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