Scandal Season 3 Winter Finale Promo: “A Door Marked Exit”
Credit: Danny Feld / ABC    


Scandal Season 3 Winter Finale Promo: “A Door Marked Exit”

Whaddya think, guys: Is Olivia Pope finally in over her head? Never, but it's pretty close to the gasping for air phase, if you ask us. In Season 3 Episode 10, the winter finale, "A Door Marked Exit," she has a lot of mess to clean up, and only two hands.

Last we left our favorite fixer, she had just aided and abetted her mom's escape from the country, using President Fitz's contacts to do so. But while her mom was waving goodbye from the comforts of a private military bird, Liv suddenly realized that Papa Pope may not have been wrong to keep her mom locked up for 22 years. What changed in her mind? We aren't exactly sure, but from the looks of the promo, it seems she's going to be sacrificing her mom for something. In the video, she's heard yelling "YOU CAN HAVE HER!" and we can only imagine it's Rowan/Eli that would elicit such strong feelings from the calm one.

Also in need of a little mopping is Sally Langston's sitch, since it looks as though she's just offed the Second Man (what do they call the VP's husband? Ah, forget it). Her first call is Cyrus Beene, which is a little bizarre, but we suppose he did just show her pics of her husband and his husband hooking up, so Cy was probably on her mind. How will she get the blood stains out? Vinegar, salt, and a call to Olivia, perhaps?

And Quinn Perkins has her own hill to climb, since she's in deep with B613 and boyfriend Charlie, since they have a tape of her doing some murderin'. But then there's her real loyalties, to Huck Finn and the OPA Gladiators. Will that prevail? Check out what she's got in her hand and then tell us how you think that will end.

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