Revenge Season 3 Wish List: What We Want to See in Fall 2013!
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Revenge Season 3 Wish List: What We Want to See in Fall 2013!

Let’s be honest for just a hot second. Season 2 of Revenge had its rough patches, and the show was at risk of cancellation. Fortunately, the powers that be decided the shoreside drama was worthy of a second chance and the show will air its third season starting on Sunday, September 29.

It’s already been announced that show creator Mike Kelley is being replaced by executive producer Sunil Nayar, which should hopefully allow for some confusing plot cleanup. But if the Revenge writers are looking for our suggestions (as they should be), here’s our Season 3 wish list:

1) Nemily

Mike Kelley always said Nolan and Emily had more of a sibling relationship, but we couldn’t disagree more. No one understands and supports her the way Nolan does. These two have more chemistry than any of her other romances combined (whoops, sorry Jack!) and it would be silly not to give the audience at least a taste of some Nemily action.

Revenge Season 3 Wish List: What We Want to See in Fall 2013!
Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

2) Conrad Grayson: Total Domination

We loved Conrad’s end-of-season storyline in which he was a major player in The Initiative. Umm, genius. Henry Czerny plays a bad guy so well that the writers would be fools not to give him even more evil twists in Season 3. And now that Connie has a room in the Governor’s Mansion, it’s time for total domination. Victoria who? Well, maybe not that extreme, but still!

3) Emily + Charlotte = Dream Team

There were flashes of moments in Season 2 when Emily and Charlotte almost teamed up. These real-life half sissies need more quality time together. And now that Fauxmanda’s gone, we want Char to learn Emily’s true identity stat.

Revenge Season 3 Wish List: What We Want to See in Fall 2013!
Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

4) Aiden and Ashley Run Away Together

OK, so we know that Ash’s time on Revenge is coming to an end, but does that mean she has to die? We prefer she run off with fellow Brit Aiden Mathis to be moody and well-dressed across the pond. That way Ems doesn’t have to worry about her tormented beau and Ash gets a new boy toy. It’s a win-win!

5) Mason Treadwell, Mason Treadwell, Mason Treadwell

We know that notorious journalist-turned-novelist-turned blogger is now behind bars, but he was seriously one of the best villains on the show. Bust that guy out of the clink, give him a jail friend, or follow him using a Prada loafer to tunnel out because anything he does will interest us!

Do you agree with our wish list? Tell us below!

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