The Walking Dead Season 4: 15 Questions That Still Need Answers in Second Half
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: 15 Questions That Still Need Answers in Second Half

It was refreshing to finally get some answers on The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 10 — great to see you, Carol, Judith, Abraham, “Terminus” and … uh … Tara! But we still have more than a dozen other questions, and you probably have a dozen on top of that (like will we ever see what happened to Luke, Molly or even Lilly). So, as Talking Dead’s Chris Hardwick might put it, here’s what’s chomping away at us about the second half of this quickly departing 16-episode season.

1. Is the Sanctuary Safe?

We're cautiously optimistic about this Terminus sanctuary where if you arrive, you supposedly survive. Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride), Tyreese (Chad Coleman), Lizzie Samuels (Brighton Sharbino), Mika Samuels (Kyla Kenedy) and baby Judith were the first to see the sign on the train tracks, but will there be others? Everyone seems to be on these tracks. What if they all end up there? Is that a good thing, or a trap? And how will the sanctuary quest mesh with Sgt. Abraham Ford’s (Michael Cudlitz) “mission” to get Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) to Washington, D.C.? Will we follow both stories separately or will they combine at some point?

2. Will We See The Hunters This Season?

Can you imagine if they skip over the cannibal storyline completely? They could — maybe it's too dark for AMC or something — but Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) said the "most controversial episode" they'd ever done was coming, and Robert Kirkman said AMC was "very worried" about stuff in the second half. Our first thought about "controversy" was tied to The Hunters, but it's possible Andy was referring to a child killer storyline connected to the kids. Both the cannibals and crazy children stories are straight out of the comics, but the TV show may want to soften things a bit. Can they really do both or would that be too dark for the same season?

3. Who Fed Rats to the Walkers (and Why)? Did the Same Person Dissect That Thing in the Prison?

Who fed the walkers? Was it Lizzie, because of her love for that Nick guy? Bob Stookey (Larry Gilliard Jr.) because we don't know anything about him and that makes us suspicious? Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) because he wanted to stop being a farmer and if the walkers attacked the fence it would put him back in action? Other? And did the same person dissect that thing? On Episode 10, Lizzie looked like she wanted to stab an animal with her knife. Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) kills animals for food all the time, but when Lizzie looks that way... we worry.

4. Is Lizzie Going to Kill Everyone Someone?

Was she named after Lizzie Borden? You can't deny it was creeeeeeppppyyyyy to see her face when she was holding her hand over Judith's mouth. She wanted to smother that baby. In case it wasn't clear, they even muted the sound so we could focus on how much crazy Lizzie was enjoying her power over Judith. Mika was left alone to fight one walker, and even that was too much for the youngest Samuels sister. Lizzie is a problem. Is she a Ben-level problem?

5. What About Bob?

It looks like a Bob and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) romance may be headed our way, which is sweet and all, but we're mostly curious about his past. He just joined Team Prison about a week before Season 4 started, and he said he was the sole survivor of his past two groups. Comic book writer/executive producer Robert Kirkman previously told SFX: “He’s kind of a linchpin to a lot of the storytelling and a lot of the storylines that [happened] early in the season, and his role will kind of emerge. You’ll get a bigger picture of who he is and what he’s been up to this entire time.” That "up to this entire time" has us nervous. He seems like such a nice guy, but will we think differently of him if we learn dark things about his past? How is he a linchpin? Does he have connections beyond our group, maybe even to Abraham or others?

6. Will Rick and Carl Reunite With Baby Judith?

A Grimes family reunion has to happen at some point, right? Before the season finale or in it, do you think? We're dying for that emotional scene. Rick and Carl could really use a victory, and Michonne (Danai Gurira) would be thrilled too, considering the loss of her own child.

7. How will Tyreese React to Carol Killing Karen and David?

IF Carol even did kill Karen and David and wasn't covering for Lizzie. That might be an out-there fan theory, but it's still possible. Will Tyreese be more understanding, after everything he's been through with the girls, and Lizzie saving his life at the prison? Maybe he'll bond with Carol so much that it tempers some of his anger? Or will he feel even more betrayed, because Carol has been lying to him over and over again for so long? How do you want him to react?

8. Will Rick and Carol Be Friends Again?

Scott Gimple said events would change Rick and Carol. Do they reconcile? Maybe because of Carol keeping Judith safe, or because so much else is going on that the Karen/David/banishment is all water under the bridge? Maybe Carol even saves Rick’s life? Any ideas here?

9. When Will Daryl Get His Focused Episode? When Will He See Carol Again?

There has been a dearth of Dixon this season! Episode 11 is coming up and it looks like it might be Daryl-free. There's so much going on, but at some point Daryl is meant to have a major ep of his own. Which one of these puppies is "his"? Will Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) be there too? Will he reunite with his female BFF, Carol? Will his relationship with Rick suffer from what happened?

10. Who Is Gareth?

Sometimes new people show up with no fanfare, but when The Powers That Be release details, we sit up and speculate. They made a biggish deal about Alanna Masterson joining the show as Tara, and now we see why. They also made a big deal about Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene's castings, and we know those characters are big deals for the trajectory of the story. So when they said Andrew J. West would join the show as Gareth, an "important" character who might also be on Season 5, we got curious. He's meant to kind of be a remix of someone from the comics, but also not be recognizable as anyone on his own. At first, we thought maybe he was a new take on Chris, leader of The Hunters, a cannibal group. Other fans thought maybe he's a version of Father Gabriel Stokes, whom Rick's group meets on the road. But what if we meet Gareth a little further along — what if he's a version of Aaron, a recruiter for the Alexandria Safe-Zone?

The Walking Dead Season 4: 15 Questions That Still Need Answers in Second Half
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

11. Never Mind Gareth — Who Is Tony?

No one said Tony was coming, so we didn't bake a cake, but if you look at IMDb, you get potential hints (or false spoiler "foilers") on who might be showing up. Actor Davi Jay is credited as "Tony" in several episodes coming up, including Episode 12, "Still," and continuing on "Alone," "Us," and "A." (According to spoilers, he may even show up before Episode 12.) Ep 13, "Alone," has the synopsis "One group finds a shelter; a group has a realization about protection." Does Tony end up with the group at Terminus? Also, actress Anissa Matlock was cast for "A" in a part previously labeled "Featured Terminan."Now she's just credited for "A," with no character name. It sounds like we're going to see this Terminus place play out and meet people there, for better or worse.

12. Is Morgan Coming Back or Not?

Over the summer, SFX tweeted from Comic Con, writing that Scott Gimple said Morgan Jones would return in Season 4. There was much rejoicing. It was actually one of the biggest things we were looking forward to, and it would fit with the comics since Morgan actually joins Rick’s group on the road to D.C. But Scott recently popped the balloon by saying he was misquoted back at Comic Con and he never said Morgan would return. And yet ... Lennie James is still credited on IMDb for the season finale, “A.” Sometimes IMDb can’t be trusted, and he was previously listed for both Episode 15 and 16, but he’s still there for the season finale. Will that be removed or will we indeed see Morgan pop up in the end?

13. What "Really Bad" Thing Happens In Episode 15?

The penultimate episode is always a megab*ch, y'all. Think of Shane vs. Rick on Season 2 and Merle Dixon going the way of the walker on Season 3. David S. Goyer directed Episode 15, "Us," and over the summer he teased some action to i09: "I'm doing a Walking Dead this year — the penultimate episode [of the season]. I haven't gotten my script yet... I heard it's an episode where something really bad happens." Was he speaking generally about all penultimate episodes or was he told something about this one in particular? The synopsis for Episode 15 is "Survivors rely on brutality and faith." It's a safe guess that we should worry about this hour, but the season itself is meant to end on a "more hopeful" note than the bleak start to the second half. We're even supposed to be set up with a safe place akin to the group finding the prison at the start of Season 3.

14. Is “A” the Alexandria Safe-Zone or Not?

The season finale title is “A” but what if “A” is just Atlanta? Terminus was the original name for Atlanta and that’s the sanctuary of radio and sign tease. In the comics, the group ended up at the Alexandria Safe-Zone in Alexandria, VA, on the way to Washington, D.C. with Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita. But that’s a long way from where we are in Georgia so what if the TV version takes a shortcut and sends us back to the city. Too crazy? What is “A,” then? It seems like a stretch to think the groups find their way (on foot, for the most part) to Alexandria, VA by the season finale.

15. Who Will Die?

We’re dying for Team Prison to reunite at least by the season finale, which has a synopsis promising “many paths collide.” But will someone (or several someones) literally die before the end? If so, who? The season finale also says “Rick faces sheer brutality; the group struggles to survive.” And that’s after Episode 15’s previous use of the word “brutality.” Will we see a major-ish death in Episode 15 and another in Episode 16?

What other questions do you have about the second half? Do you have any answers to provide?

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