The Walking Dead Season 4: 3 Characters Who Are Allowed to Die
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: 3 Characters Who Are Allowed to Die

It’s a cruel world out there on The Walking Dead, and we have to be just as ruthless as viewers. Season 3 had a high body count, and Season 4 will be just as bloody — or maybe even more bloody. We’ve already named five main characters that are on our “not allowed to die” list, but this is a show about the zombie apocalypse, and it’s unrealistic to expect everyone to live through another season. So here are three possible candidates for eviction. We picked main characters, not Woodbury newbies we don’t really know. That would be cheating!

1. The Governor

Obviously. We figured he would die at the end of Season 3, but The Powers That Be didn’t want to turn the show into something where there’s a new “big bad” every season. Fine. Fair enough. He still has unfinished business with Team Prison (especially Michonne, Maggie and Glenn) and we need at least one more big clash. But for heaven’s sake, please finish the business by the end of Season 4! It’d be better if they bucked convention and didn’t wait for the end of the season for a big kill; maybe get rid of The Gov early on (he can be the new Lori) and focus attention on new threats. Surprise us. But don’t disappoint us.

2. Beth

Beth is in desperate need of a personality and a good storyline. She’s so sweet and pretty and … what else? Who is Beth? She wanted to kill herself in Season 2, then in Season 3 we learned she’s a good singer and great with children. Carl has a crush on her, and for a minute there it looked like maybe Beth had a crush on Rick. But even that didn’t pan out. (Now she has a crush on Daryl?) We know she’s getting stronger and more valuable to the team, but it’s not enough to just sing and carry the baby, especially when a host of potentially more fascinating characters just entered the prison. Sasha, Tyreese’s sister, also showed interest in Baby Judith (who isn’t on this list because we’re afraid of going straight to hell), and Sasha’s also a good shot with a fiery personality. She’s already more interesting than Beth.

Producer Gale Anne Hurd said there would be “fantastic” stories for everyone in the ensemble cast this season, and Beth’s portrayer Emily Kinney is now a series regular. It’s possible Beth can earn her way off this list and one of the newbies will earn his or her way onto it once we get to know them after the October premiere. But until then, Beth is on notice.

The Walking Dead Season 4: 3 Characters Who Are Allowed to Die
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

3. Carl

It’s not like they’d ever really do it. Carl will probably outlive us all. We don’t have a strong opinion on Beth one way or the other, but everyone has an opinion on Carl, especially after the Season 3 finale. There are so many Carl apologists out there, and you definitely can’t argue that Carl doesn’t have enough of a storyline. In fact, Season 4 is going to be very focused on Carl. He should make it through the season, but it wouldn’t be awful if he had some big moment toward the end, leaving him in a Merle or Andrea position. His death would be devastating (especially for Rick), but there should be at least one “big death” on Season 4, no? Carol would be a “big death” too, and she would give Daryl another big emotional moment, but we’re more interested in Daryl leaning on Carol after the death of his brother. Carl’s death would be more of a big picture statement.

If this world is going to have a future, kids need to grow up. But what’s the future of a reckless, angry young man like Carl? The kind-hearted kid who was so awed by the deer on Season 2 quickly segued into throwing rocks at walkers, staring down captive Randall, holding back all emotion while shooting his mother, and shooting a young man who was in the process of surrendering (albeit slowly).

He’s a stone-cold mofo all too willing to adopt The Governor’s us vs. them attitude. Rick knows he needs to keep a closer eye on Carl. Michonne has also shown herself to be good with him, and Hershel will be there acting as Rick and Carl’s Jiminy Cricket. (Unless Hershel dies; he only has one leg and he’s not exactly a young’un, but we’ve been expecting Hershel to die for too long to predict it now. Besides, we’ve already faux-killed poor Beth and that’s enough for the Greene family.) Carl is going to be a big deal in Season 4, but his death would be a good fit for a series about humanity fighting for survival. Let Baby Judith grow up and be the new great hope for the future.

What do you think? If you don’t agree with these picks, don’t just get mad, share your arguments for others in the comments!

The Walking Dead premieres Sunday, October 13 on AMC.