Once Upon a Time Season 4: 3 Reasons Frozen Is a Bad Idea
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 4: 3 Reasons Frozen Is a Bad Idea

We know we're going have to learn to let it go, but we have to admit: we weren't thrilled to find out that Once Upon a Time Season 4 is going to tackle the world of Disney's latest smash hit, Frozen.

Don't get us wrong — we love the movie. We've listened to "Let It Go" as many times as the next person, and we definitely think Elsa's a great character. We're just not convinced this is the right move for OUAT. We hope the writers prove us wrong, but for now, here are the three reasons we'd rather have seen a different story next year.

1. It's too fresh. Part of what makes Once Upon a Time so fun is seeing new takes on classic characters that we've loved since childhood. Elsa isn't a classic character to most of the audience, she's a brand new one, which means we have a very different relationship to her. Characters like Snow White, The Evil Queen, and even Dr. Frankenstein and Peter Pan are already archetypical as well as specific. There have already been many interpretations of them, so we can easy accept a new version. But for us, and, we suspect, for many other audience members, Frozen's Elsa is the Elsa, and it'll take more than a year to be able to see the character more broadly.

2. They're really doing Frozen, not the fairytale. Yes, OUAT's versions of fairy tale characters clearly draw a lot from the Disney interpretations. However, in most cases the Disney flicks at least follow the bare bones of the original tales (even if they do tend to sanitize them a lot). Not so with Frozen. While the movie is technically based on The Snow Queen, its relationship to the original story is very, very loose — including the fact that it made the titular snow queen a misunderstood, out-of-control young woman, not a villain. The OUAT showrunners have made it clear that they are sticking with the Frozen world, not drawing from the original tale. That just seems to compound the freshness problem. Elsa is essentially an original character invented for Frozen, and one who was just introduced to the world last year. That's not the kind of character this show is normally about.

3. Really, how much can they reintegrate? Those two problems combine to create this one: we're not convinced the show really vary too much from the Elsa we saw in Frozen without pissing people off. Can you imagine Elsa as a villain? No way! Half the fun of OUAT is seeing a new spin on characters we think we know; as much as we liked Frozen, we're not that interested in seeing a live action version in OUAT land.

Are you happy or upset about next season's theme? Let us know in the comments below!

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05.12.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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